Superb Parrot Parakeet
Superb Parrot Parakeet2

Binomial Name:

Polytelis Swainsonii


The superb parrot (Polytelis swainsonii), also known as Barraband’s parrot, Barraband’s parakeet, or green leek parrot, is a parrot native to south-eastern Australia. It is a monomorphic species and one of three species in the genus Polytelis.

The superb parrot is mostly bright green with darker flight feathers and is about 40 cm (16 in) long with a long pointed tail. Adult males have continuous yellow foreheads and throats, with a red horizontal band across the border of the throat.

Habitat & Food:

An Australian endemic, the superb parrot is restricted to the dry (sclerophyll) woodlands of New South Wales and Victoria. There is estimated to be at least 10,000 individuals in the wild.

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