Guinea Pigs make wonderful pets and are relatively easy to care for as well.

For adults and kids a guinea pig can make a welcome addition to the home and perfect for people who want to have a pet, but may not have the space for a larger animal. They are social creatures with their own little personalities and behaviours, simply needing to be handled with care.

Guinea pigs make great little pets for several reasons. Firstly, because they aren’t prone to disease and don’t require any vaccinations. Secondly, they are very cheap to maintain and won’t end up costing you the earth. Lastly, unlike other rodents, the humble guinea pig doesn’t smell. This is because it lacks the musk glands other rodents have.

Fun fact: Guinea pigs can actually be litter trained if you’re willing to put in the hard work and train your new pet.

Here at Living Jungle we have both long and short-haired guinea pigs.


Short Haired Guinea Pig


Long Haired Guinea Pig