Buy Pet Fish

Aquariums can make a wonderful feature in any room of the house. Today there are plenty of devices to help owners keep their tanks in optimal conditional with minimal fuss as well. Fish make a great pet if you don’t have the time to spend lavishing attention on a dog, cat, guinea pig or rabbit and they can really look spectacular.

At Living Jungle, we have a variety of fish, ranging from Cichlids to Goldfish, Koi Carp and Tropical Fish.


Cichlids are mostly freshwater fish. Some varieties are brightly coloured, and many cichlids display a variety of interesting behaviours, making them great to watch. Different cichlids require different amounts of space and need to be put with other compatible fish.

Tropical fish

There are both freshwater and saltwater varieties of tropical fish. Because they often display the most vibrant colour combinations tropical fish are a popular choice for fish lovers who want to have their aquarium on display.

Koi Carp

For a vibrant display of colours in your newly created pond you can’t go past Koi Carp. They are a hardy fish and simply require a pump and filtration system to keep the water in good condition. They will notice who is feeding them too and gather around at meal times.


Goldfish of all types make great pets for several reasons. They come in a range of great colours, they are easy to care for, and don’t need much to keep them happy, healthy and entertained.

Whether you want something spectacular that requires a little more care, or a fish that’s rather low maintenance, we can point you in the right direction.