Birds For Sale

Here at Living Jungle, birds have been our speciality for over 30 years. It’s our breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that has meant our customers come back to us when looking for birds for sale, or want specific advice about their pet.

We offer our customers a wide variety of Australian Native Birds. From White Cockatoos to Galahs, Corellas and Australian Finches just to name a few, we pride ourselves on being a premium pet shop, selling some of Australia’s favourite species of birds.

We also focus on a select number of foreign species. Some of these include but are not limited to the Alexandrine Parrot, the Indian Ringneck Parrot the Crimson bellied Conure, the Sun Conure and the Black Capped Lory. Without forgetting a vast array of finches coming in a variety of stunning colours.

Birds make wonderful companions. Many of the species listed above, specifically those of the Cockatoo and Parrot varieties are considered some of the most intelligent species of birds in the world. Because of this, Cockatoos and Parrots are generally very curious by nature, making them ideal for training and teaching tricks.

Our range of Finches, both Australian Native and foreign, offer bird lovers the chance to enjoy the spectacular colour combinations these wondrous birds display.

Ultimately, our focus is to provide customers with everything from the right advice on caring for their bird to giving them the pet accessories and knowledge they need to have a healthy and happy pet.