Slaty-headed Parakeet

Binomial Name:

Psittacula Himalayana


The Slaty-headed Parakeet (Psittacula himalayana) is the only psittacid species to exhibit altitudinal migration. The species’ range extends from Pakistan, to Western Himalayas in India through Nepal and Bhutan and up to the Eastern Himalayas in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. They descend to the valleys in winter, approximately during the last week of October.

Both adults in general green with blue tint; dark grey head with blue tint; black chin and wide stripe across lower cheeks; fine black line around hindneck; band around hindneck under black line green/blue; patch on inner median wing coverts deep maroon in males, missing in females; long central tail feathers in male, shorter in female; green at base of tail becoming deep blue and widely tipped with bright yellow. Red upper mandible, pale yellow lower. Eye pale yellow.

Habitat & Food:

Grains, fruits, the fleshy petals of flowers (Salmalia, Butea) and sometimes raid agricultural fields and orchards.

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