Binomial Name:

Platycercus Venustus


The northern rosella (Platycercus venustus), also known as Brown’s parakeet or smutty rosella, is found in Australia’s Top End. It is unusually coloured for a rosella, with a dark crown and white cheeks similar to its relatives the pale-headed rosella and the eastern rosella.

At 28 cm long it is smaller than all bar the western rosella. The forehead, crown and nape are black in colour with white-on-blue cheek-patches. The back and wing feathers are blackish with yellow borders, while the feathers of the belly, chest and rump are pale yellow with black borders giving rise to a scalloped appearance. The long tail is bluish green. The beak is pale grey and the iris dark. Immature plumage is similar to adult but duller.


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