Red Capped Parrot Parakeet

Binomial Name:

Purpureicephalus Spurius


Measuring 34–38 cm (14–15 in) in length and weighing 105–125 g, the adult red-capped parrot is a distinctive and easily recognised medium-sized parrot. The adult male has a crimson crown, grey-brown lores, and green-yellow cheeks and a narrow long upper mandible. The upperparts are dark green, the rump yellow-green, the tail green with dark blue tip. The underparts are purplish-blue and the flanks green and red. The female is similar but duller overall, and the juvenile has a dark green crown, reddish frontal band, and red-brown underparts

Habitat & Food:

The species occurs from the Moore River southwards in southwestern Australia. Its natural habitat is marri (Corymbia calophylla), but has adapted to farmland, orchards and suburban landscapes in Perth.

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