Western Rosella Parrot Parakeet

Binomial Name:

Chalcopsitta Atra


The western rosella (Platycercus icterotis) less commonly known as the Stanley rosella, Earl of Derby’s parakeet or Yellow-cheeked parakeet, is the smallest species of rosella and is found in the South West of Australia. in Eucalypt forests and timbered areas. These are smallish parrots measuring 25–30 cm (9.8–11.8 in) in length and weighing from 28 to 80 g (0.99 to 2.82 oz), with an average of 63.3 g (2.23 oz). they are red from the head to the breast with white or beige-ish yellow cheeks and blue and green patterned wings with males being slightly larger and having a more vibrant yellow cheek colouring. Their bills are a grey ‘horn’ colour like most Australian parrots.

Habitat & Food:

Western rosellas socialise in pairs but will often congregate in largish groups of twenty or so to forage when the season permits; their diet is herbivorous, consisting mostly of grass and seeds. They nest mostly in hollow tree trunks usually a meter or so deep and will favour hollows that have dust in the bottom (as may be created by insects boring out the tree or limb). The female incubates the eggs and leaves in the morning and afternoon to eat food found by the male.

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