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Binomial Name:

Alisterus Scapularis, chloropterus, amboinensis


King parrots are medium-sized parrots, 35–43 cm (14–17 in) in length with long broad tails. They have relatively small beaks for their size. The beaks of the adults are two colours, blackish and orange-reddish, except for the subspecies buruensis of the Moluccan king parrot which has a grey-black beak, and female Australian king parrot which has a grey beak.

Habitat & Food:

The three species are forest-dwelling, and are found singly, in pairs, or in groups. Australian king parrots sometimes gather in groups of up to 30 or more around food sources, while Moluccan king parrots sometimes form groups up to ten, and the Moluccan king parrots may gather in groups of fives or sixes. They generally feed on seeds, fruits and berries in trees.

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