Diamond Firetail Finch

Binomial Name:

Stagonopleura Guttata


The Diamond Firetail is a finch that has a fiery red bill, eyes, and rump. Just below the throat, it has a thick black band that extends horizontally until it reaches the lower part of the wings which are also black with white spots. There is also a black eye band that starts at the beak and ends right at the eye. The bird’s tail is also black. The rest of the wings are a slightly tan, light brown color. Its head and back is light gray and its belly and chin are white. The color of the egg is also white. This bird is considered one of the smallest of the finches.

Habitat & Food:

The birds will eat lettuce, spinach, chickweed, spray millet, eggfood, broccoli tops, sprouted seed, meal worms, small cockroaches, small crickets, hulled oats and carrot tops.
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