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Bourke's Parrot Parakeet Bourke's Parrot Parakeet2 Bourke's Parrot Parakeet4

Binomial Name:

Neopsephotus Bourkii


Wildtype (natural coloured) Bourke’s parrots display a basically brown overall colouration with pink abdomen, pinkish breast & a blue rump. The legs are dark-brown, with zygodactyl toes. The bill is yellowish-brown. The adult male has a blue forehead while the adult female has a little or no blue on the forehead. The Bourke’s parrot’s feathers help the species blend in with the reddish soil of its home.

Habitat & Food:

Bourke’s parrots forage on the ground for grasses and seeds. They are most active feeding at dusk and dawn.
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